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A working knowledge of how ESP and Psychokinesis works will give any ghosthunter a better understanding of spirit phenomena.
As the science of parapsychology (and its parent discipline, psychical research) has shown over the past one hundred and twenty five years of clinical research these are the two abilities that apparitions and hauntings use to interact with the world of the living.

Since spirits do not posses a physical body they do not have lungs, a throat, vocal chords, tongue, teeth or mouths that could affect the physical world in a way to produce sound. Instead they use ESP/telepathy to place these “sounds” directly into our minds.
Likewise they use psychokinesis to manipulate recoding equipment, audio as well as video, to leave their “voices” and “images” imprinted on these devices besides the more obvious use of moving objects around in the physical world.

– Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Brian David Josephson of the University of Cambridge,
– Prof. William G. Roll of the Psychology Department of the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia, in the United States,
– Dr Matthew Smith of Liverpool Hope University who holds a PhD on the psychology and parapsychology,
– Prof. Etzel Cardeña Professor of Psychology (including parapsychology and hypnosis) at Lund University in Sweden – whose book “Varieties of Anomalous Experience: – Examining the Scientific Evidence” is the first scholarly volume on anomalous experiences to be published by a mainstream publisher (The American Psychological Association),
– Loyd Auerbach professor of parapsychology whose currently on the Advisory Board of the Rhine Research Center,
– Prof. Joseph Banks “J.B.” Rhine who founded the parapsychology lab at Duke University, the Journal of Parapsychology, and the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man. He also initiated the Parapsychological Association and the gentleman who coined the term ESP,
– Prof. Gertrude Schmeidler a true pioneer in the field of ESP best known for her “sheep/goat” experiments…

These are but a few of the seriously minded scientists that have experimented in the field of parapsychology and have tested the science of such abilities as ESP and psychokinesis among others.
It would be wise for any paranormal investigator to know the history of this most interesting field of study.

The Pearce-Pratt tests which began in 1932 under the supervision of Prof. Joseph Banks “J.B.” Rhine (September 29, 1895 – February 20, 1980) have never been debunked.

One of the best results of these experiments involving the student Hubert E. Pearce, Jr who sat in the Duke University over 100 yards away from Prof. J.B. Rhine’s lab assistant who sat in the university’s physics building. Both men sat facing opposite directions from each other.
Pearce and Pratt both synchronized their watches with each other and at prearranged times, with both men under strict observation, Pratt would take the top Zener card, face down and place it on the table without looking at it. It would stay there for one full minute. During this time Pearce would write down his guess as to what the card was. After the minute was up Pratt would repeat the process. When he was finished with the deck Pratt would turn the cards over one by one to record the order before shuffling and starting again. At the end of each session both men would seal their records and independently hand them to Prof. Rhine who would first look at one while he himself was under observation and then compare it to the other one.
To this day the results are astonishing.
Pearce would regularly score as high as thirteen card runs on correct hits and averaged 261 hits out of 750 cards, consistently.
The most amazing test Pearce did was when at the last moment Rhine told him he would give Pearce $100 per correct hit. In one streak of correct hits alone, Pearce won $2,500 in a twenty-five-card run of correct hits which put that at an odds of 298,023,233,876,953,125 to 1. Almost 3 Zillion to 1! This test only ended when Rhine had run out of the allotted funds put aside for the test.
The only time that Pearce’s guesses would drop to statistical average and slightly below was during a period after his fiancee left him.
After several years of rigorous university tests run by Prof. J.B. Rhine under the supervision of the Duke University Psychology Department he published his findings in a work he called “Extra-Sensory Perception”. He coined this phrase ESP because after all his research he realized that the phenomenon of psi abilities was actually a branch of perception – an already established subject of psychology.
His work was studied by other universities and scholars which they hailed as “Epoch Making” and his findings were examined in minute detail for several years by the American Institute of Mathematical Statistics who finally declared that all of Prof. Rhine’s mathematics were valid.

This work lead directly to Parapsychology Association being accepted into the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science.

And lets not forget the work of Prof. Gertrude Schmeidler (1912 – March 9, 2009) a pioneer in the field of ESP best known for her “sheep/goat” experiments where the “sheep” -those who believed in or at least the possibility of psi powers- scored higher on ESP tests than the “goats” -those who did not believe in or the possibility of psi powers. The findings of these tests ran consistently for her and other parapsychologists and still do to this very day.

Nor should we forget the work that parapsychologists have done during the 1960’s with Ted Serios who could place images in the film of cameras. They tested him for years. He would be shown random cameras from random people at random times and -even with the lens caps still on the cameras- cause images that he had seen or looked at to appear on the film. He had even been tested doing this directly to film that was never unwrapped and taken out of their original canisters.

These are all things that are caused by our consciousness.

A spirit is a consciousness with out a physical shell.
If they are non-physical then by definition,they can not affect the physical world through the use of physical force.
This leaves only one possibility, they must be affecting the physical world through non-physical force.
The above tests conducted by university doctors and professors in the field of parapsychology then can not be discounted.


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