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3rd MI:ST Society Investigation of Inwood Hills Park, NYC 1/16/10



K-II meter and ELF EMF meters on the "electromagnetic" boulder. This time we discovered no strange readings on the boulder itself.

Brendan "monkeys" up the wooded hill following an EMF signal as Evelyn and Dan watch on

Dan and Brendan continue to trace the source of the Electromagnetic fluctuations

John and Tom Bustamante, a friend of the MI:ST Society, discuss suicides at the nearby Henry Hudson Bridge with the team

Evelyn, Dan, and Dan continue to study the electromagnetic energy

A piezoelectric orb appears as Dan gets a hit on the K-II meter at the "electromagnetic" boulder

Although the K-II and GaussMaster have similar calibrations, once again they don't pick up activity at the same time at the same place.

Another piezoelectric orb appears setting off the equipment

Dan believes he finds a trace of possible power line energy traveling up the hill into the woods but we couldn't be 100% sure

John leads the team in an EVP session at the "electromagnectic" boulder

Orbs seem to announce the team's move from the boulder to the "Indian Caves" at the other end of Inwood Hills Park

MI:STcot Murphy Maximus Magoo stands ready to defend the team from supernatural menaces



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