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2nd MI:ST Society Investigation of Inwood Hills Park, NYC  2/21/9,
THE MI:ST Society

DATE: Sunday, June 21st, 2009
TIME: 8pm – 10pm
LOCATION: Inwood Hills Park (The woods leading up to, under, and past the Henry Hudson Bridge), New York, NY, 10034
RESEARCHERS: John Galvin, Tom Vullo, and Greg Myers.
EQUIPMENT: Safe Range EMF Meter (K-ll), GaussMaster (EMF meter), Audio Enhancer (EVP Listener), 2 LED Flashlights, 2 Midland X-tra Talk GMRS/FRS Radios (Walkie-Talkies), Digital Still Camera.
REASON FOR RESEARCH/INVESTIGATION: Welcome to MI:ST walk through of Inwood Hills Park.

SUNSET: 8:31pm
PRECIPITATION: Heavy rain walking down to the park, ending within 15 minutes of entering the park.  No thunder or lightning.
TEMPERATURE: 63 degrees Fahrenheit.
HEAT INDEX: 63 degrees Fahrenheit.
WINDCHILL: 63 degrees Fahrenheit.
PRESSURE: 29.60 (inches)
SEA LEVEL: 1001.6 (mb
LUNAR PHASE: Crescent moon, waning


Investigator John Galvin’s Report: Greg Myers officially joined the MI:ST Society and attended his first meeting tonight!  WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, GREG!
After a group meeting where we decided on a plan to advertise our services and discussed what we wanted out of the website Greg is designing for us.
Although it was raining, we decided to walk through the hills of Inwood Park anyway so at the very least we could experience what an outdoor investigation in the rain was like. We were not disappointed… it sucked as much as we thought it would.  LOL!  But at least the rain stopped moments after we got to the park.
Tom decided to work with the EVP Listener while Greg experimented with the K-II. I handled the EMF Meter and the Digital Still Camera.
This time out me and Tom were able to find a clear channel for the Walkie-Talkies.
As far as the EMF Meter goes I was able to determine where power lines ran under the ground. That was all as expected. I did find anomalous spots of floating emf energy that seemed to be nowhere near any power-lines while we walked through the park, even off the path and above my head. Oddly enough, almost none of my spikes where picked up by Greg or heard by Tom. Many times one of them would would get a hit that the other two of us could not confirm.

One incident that stood out to us was the “electric boulder”, but I’ll let Greg and Tom go into detail about that since my EMF Meter picked up nothing.  Although I took several pictures of their investigation of the phenomena it looks as if nothing of interest came out of them initially. On our walk back, however, we investigated the boulder a second time and got the same results but this time one of the pictures showed an odd “cloud” floating between Tom and Greg that none of us saw at the time with our own eyes. This photo needs to be further studied.

We are planning on going back to the boulder again and testing it again under different weather conditions as well as different times of the day.

Once we passed under the Henry Hudson Bridge I started to pick up odd fluctuations on the EMF Meter that seemed steady at waist level one moment, then raising above my head, then floating back down. I tried to open a dialogue with anything that may have been present. At first we seemed to be getting responses to our “1 beep yes, 2 beeps no” on the EMF Meter that corresponded to our questions. Then, just as we where getting confident in the answers we were getting, the EMF Meter would go crazy and peak past the Red. At one point, while discussing whether or not we should continue foreword the EMF Meter started double beeping. We asked again if we should continue on and again the EMF Meter double beeped, and yes… even a third time. We obviously continued on anyway. We didn’t get more than several feet down the path when suddenly we were all overcome by the very distinct smell of a skunk somewhere nearby. We stopped short in our tracks! As we smelled the odor getting stronger we wisely decided to head back, slowly. Then the EMF Meter beeped once.
We never heard any sounds of the skunk in the surrounding woods, but we didn’t want to take a chance.
I will let Tom and Greg add anything they noticed at that time with their equipment in their reports.
This too needs to be investigated again under different circumstances.

Pictures were taken at every opportunity but we suffered from the same problem as we did during the last investigation in the park. Before we left brand-new batteries were put in the camera and it was kept off until Greg started getting K-II hits. After only 9 pictures the batteries were showing as empty. After taking out the batteries and placing them back in the camera did it show full battery power. However after only a dozen more shots or so the camera once more died. This went on all during the investigation.

Investigator Tom Vullo’s Report:
The second equipment test went very well, although the camera experienced some energy drain throughout the investigation.
My audio reader worked properly and I was able to pick up energy crackling along the investigation, but nothing paranormal.

As for the Electric Rock. I was unable to get a reading on the electric Rock using John’s meter, but Greg’s meter was registering a large consistent energy around the rock, We measured the rock on two separate occasions and received the same results. I was not able to pick up and unusual audio from the rock. Greg brought up the theory of natural energy discharge, which I agree with. We’ve planned further tests on the rock.

The cloud photo is very interesting. There’s too many other things the mist image could be to deem it paranormal, but it’s is important to note that Greg was getting readings on his K2 meter at the time the photos we’re taken and the EMF detector I was holding started pinning the needle for a moment as well.
Investigator Greg Myers’ Report: Unfortunately Greg Myers decided to never fill out his Investigator’s Report.   <sigh>

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Floating Orb and a Streaked Orb

Floating orbs and a “streaked orb” appear in front of our newest member, Greg Myers, and none of us saw them with our naked eyes.

The day I see a floating orb or “Streaked orb” with my own eyes during a case instead of in a photo after the case is done is the day I begin to be impressed with orbs, but then again… piezoelectric effects can be seen with the naked eye.

More orbs

Here we see another “Streaked Orb” shoot behind Lead Investigator Tom Vullo as he trains new member Greg Myers in the proper use of the team’s Gauss Master EMF Detector.

At this boulder Tom began getting getting hits on the K-II meter but Greg got no hits on the Gauss Master.  Then suddenly the K-II meter would not get any hits while the Gauss Master did.  This went back and forth for several minutes straight.

Greg Myers with Tom Vullo

We could not find any source of electromagnetic energy leading to or away from this boulder. All the readings we got seemed to center only on the boulder… no readings were detectable anywhere around the rock, just on it and above it.
As stated in an earlier picture, the readings were fluctuating – not steady, and were not picked up at the same time by the K-II meter and the EMF detector.
At this point Tom and Greg traded equipment to see if they still got fluctuating readings between the meters and they did.  Strange…

Sudden change in the digital image of the "electromagnetic" boulder

We have No Idea what happen here in this Photo of the “electromagnetic boulder” and why it seems so tinted.

Mist meets MI:ST

Maybe, but I can’t bring myself to present this as evidence of ectoplasm.
Could be a mist that was so fine we did not see or feel it, but there is another possibility…
Nikola Tesla described an “electric fog” that would occur during some of his electrical experiments and this did occur right next to the “electromagnetic boulder” we encountered.

What do You think about this photo?


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