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DONNA – The lecture was very intellectual,Ii enjoyed listening to the stories about ESP and Telekinesis in part one, and I really enjoyed part 2 with the skull experiments, they were really amazing and they had some really incredible evidence on the after-life. I especially enjoyed looking at the pictures they they got for evidence! The meetup was great,Ii enjoyed it very much. Especially the Scole Experiment I enjoyed hearing about it and they had some incredible evidence on the after life.

LA – Fun time. Very interesting. I will be back next time!

KRISTEN – Although I am probably biased I thought John and Tom did a great job. I had not heard a dry run of either lecture prior to Sunday and I didn’t realize how rich a history parapsychology had. I also enjoyed how MI:ST’s interests in the paranormal in general produced such a great lecture on something (Scole Experiments) I think was new to most of the attendees. Well done MI:ST!

DAYANN – I enjoyed the lecture, especially the first one regarding the history of parapsychology. The second presentation was very good also, however I am not sure if I beleive the Scole Experiments were not fraudulent. It was nice to meet like minded people. I look forward to the next lecture!

DR. SUSAN EISEN – The lecture was much more than I anticipated! The speakers were knowledgeable and kept it real at the same time. I would definitely attend another lecture and recommend my friends to come!

THERESA – I really enjoyed the presentation but I thought I would hear a little more about ghosthunting, hauntings, etc. The 2 presenters were very informative and knowledgeable about their subjects.


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