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A PARANORMAL CASEBOOK: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium

By Loyd Auerbach

Atriad Press

ISBN: 1-933-1770-47


This book (copyright 2005) opens up with a simple question, “Do you believe in ghosts?”  Well, according to a 2005 CBS News poll 48% of Americans answered Yes to that very question.  Judging by the popularity of TV reality shows that folloow teams of ghost hunters around on cases like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Lab (to name a few) and reenactment shows like Celebrity Ghost Stories, as well as the spike in sales of books dealing with the paranormal over the last several years I’m not surprised by that number – and its growing (currently 53% of Woman polled in America, also by CBS News, believe in ghosts).

Section One of Loyd Auerbach’s book on the subject of ghost hunting offers the reader a very informative answer to the books second question, “What are ghosts?”  Some of the answers in this Q&A section might surprise some readers if they are only familiar with paranormal research from the current pop culture trend of TV shows on the subject.   Unfortunately many of these shows Do Not Follow the standards of, or even use the proper terminology of real parapsychology – the parent science of paranormal investigations.  This first part is a great section of the book.  It will teach paranormalists the Real Science of ghost hunting as well as some of the Actual Terminology of the field.  That alone makes this book worthy to be on the shelf (if not in the hand) of any paranormal investigator/researcher.  It was also important for Prof. Loyd Auerbach to make this the first section of his book because it helps to answer reader questions as they begin the second section of the book, which are examples of some of the authors more exciting, memorable, and perplexing paranormal investigations.

Section Two is appropriately called “The Casebook”.  This part of the book details some of the paranormal investigations conducted by Loyd Auerbach over the years.  It starts off with a very personal case involving one of the authors dearest friends, Martin Caidin.  Mr. Caidin was an author whos most famous creation was Steve Austin, the title character in the Novel CYBORG which was the basis of the mid 1970’s TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man”.  Caidin was also a pilot as well as an aviation and space program expert.  Martin Caidin died of thyroid cancer on March 24th, 1997.

As the second section progresses the reader is allowed to accompany the author on his cases, in a manner of speaking.  This gives the reader the opportunity to watch and learn from a Real parapsychologist and a Professional Full-Time paranormal investigator.  The cases in this section primarily deal with private homes and the people who own or rent them.  While reading this section is akin to being at the investigator’s side it becomes clear that not only is each case unique, but how important it is to interview the people involved – some cases never have to go beyond this point!  Besides the importance of the interview, this part also shows how any good paranormal investigator needs to be not only part scientist and part interviewer, but also part psychologist.

Section Three is titled “Special Cases, Special Places”.  The title could not be more appropriate.  This section deals with cases that Loyd Auerbach has set aside from the normal, “run-of-the-mill” cases (if such a creature even exists, that is).  These investigations will seem a little more familiar to those readers who primarily know ghost hunting from TV shows.  In many cases it is a great source of learning for the paranormal enthusiast as it deals more with the paranormal investigator interpreting his/her own feelings and sensations while correlating his experiences with those of the other investigators on the case and the equipment being used.  These cases deal with investigations conducted at public places like the Banta Inn, Ashley’s Resturante, and the USS Hornet as opposed to the private residences detailed in the previous section.

Section Four is called “Into the Mind of a Paranormal Investigator” and it offers the readers another section of Q&A format style interview.  The main difference between this one and the one presented in Section One is that where that was a series or questions pertaining to the science of parapsychology, this one is about the author himself and really does give us a great glimpse “inot the mind of a paranormal  investigator.”

Section Five closes out the book and is called “For Further Information” and is broken into two parts.  The first part is called “Ghost Hunting: What To Do.”  The Final part is called “Ghost Hunting: What Not To Do.”  Both of these are a must-read for all paranormal investigators!

Overall, this reviewer has to say that “A Paranormal Casebook” is one of the best books on the market concerning the cases of one of the most experienced parapsychologists in the world today.  This book deserves to be read (and reread) by anyone who is interested in the field of paranormal investigation and should have an honored spot in the library of all paranormal teams.


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