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The Metaphysical Investigations: Search & Test Society (AKA The MI:ST Society, AKA MI:ST) is an organization of like minded individuals formed with two goals in mind.

First is our intent of helping people who believe they have had or encountered metaphysical, paranormal, or otherwise unexplained phenomena.

Second is our goal is to improve the scientific community’s understanding of these phenomena by putting them through meticulous analysis to remove any chance of a natural explanation and documenting their purported existence with audio/video and scientific equipment.

We research these reported metaphysical occurrences in the hopes of finding naturally occurring explanations for them.  Our research is firmly grounded in the scientific method and any evidence we collect goes through rigorous logical and theoretical examination before any conclusions are made.  We believe that the best way to approach this goal is to seek out as much evidence on the subject as possible by using both personal experiences as well as technology to conduct an investigation using the scientific method of testing: observance, collection (and organization) of evidence, search for patterns and correlations, establish a reliable cause & effect, hypothesis formation, and finally our conclusion. In the event our research fails to debunk paranormal experiences by applying known physical explanations or natural observable occurrences then we must turn to the theories posited by preexisting parapsychological and psychical research findings. The MI:ST Society also believes in sharing all its findings and their conclusions with the paranormal community at large to create a shared network of information.

Although “Ghost Hunting” may be our most public face, the MI:ST Society has a broad range of paranormal interests which include, but are not limited to: hauntings, poltergeist activity, remote viewing, possession, astral projection, psychotronic devices, telepathy / ESP, psychokinesis, auras / Kirlian photography, precognition / post-cognition, Fortean occurrences, psychic healing, and cryptozoology.

Our services are offered for FREE (although we do accept donations to help keep us in batteries, gear, etc.).  We will come in and set up our equipment and test claims of the supernatural / unexplained.  Members of the MI:ST Society will always conduct themselves professionally and discreetly.
The MI:ST Society also pledges to be an active member of it’s local community and participate in local events when possible.

We are a Trademarked and non-profit organization.

Thank You for taking the time to read this and please check out our Official MI:ST Society Client Questionnair located below.


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