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On May 2nd, 2010, the MI:ST Society held a Humane Society sanctioned “Chimp Retirement Party” at the Liffy II Bar.

We offered a variety of raffle items as well as holding a silent auction for a pair of box seat Mets Tickets that came with free parking and club access after the game!

With the help of our extensive network of family, friends, and fans we ended up raising almost $800.00 for the Humane Society that day!

The MI:ST Society welcomes the chance to help both neighborhood events as well as national events.

PARA:NORMAL For PRI:MATES Humane Society Fundraiser event hosted by the MI:ST Society

MI:ST Society founders John Galvin and Tom Vullo share a laugh with a fan during the fundraiser.

Lead Investigator Dan Sturges wonders who the "Big Dog" really is as he hangs out with the official MI:STcot, Murphy Maximus Magoo.

MI:ST Society Assistant Case Manager and Researcher, Gaby Oravetz with President John Galvin

Home Made cookies shaped like monkeys, haunted hauses, and ghosts!

MI:ST Society Senior Investigator Brendan McGinn... which is the mask and which is his real face?

Senior Investigator / Assistant Case Manager Alexis Nixon... we couldn't have put this together without her!

Ryan Moeller won the raffle to accompany the MI:ST Society on a paranormal investigation.

Jackie Hartley won the raffle for the Monkey themed children books. She also won the 2 free tickets to a lecture given by our own Tom Vullo.A couple of little monkeys having fun at the party!

Now that the event is over and everything went well, John can kick back and relax.

John Ward was the winner of the silent auction for the Box Seats Mets tickets

Lisa Gittler won the cute red fuzzy monkey bank

Some raffle items

Some raffle items


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