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Below you will find the Official MI:ST Society Client Questionnaire.
These questions are based on ones asked by serious, professional parapsychologists when conducting an interview with potential clients.

* NOTE that all these questions are optional, but the more we know about your case the better prepared we will be to conduct an investigation for you.
We are also trying to put together a database of information on paranormal activity and the more information we have to pull from the more (potential) answers we can discover about the paranormal.

Please feel free to Copy and Paste this questionnaire to an email, fill it out, and send it to the MI:ST Society at

1) How many occupants currently live on the premises and what is there relationship to each other?

2) What is the birth date of each of the occupants living on the premises?

3) How long have each of the occupants lived on the premises?

4) List any and all pets that currently live on the premises, including; Type, Breed, Sex, Age, and (if known) Birth date.

5) When did the first unusual occurrence take place (Time and Date if possible, or at least day or night, month, season)?

6) What was the first unusual occurrence, where did it take place and who experienced it?

7) When did the most recent of these unusual occurrences take place (Time and Date if possible, or at least day or night, month, season)?

8 ) What was the most recent unusual occurrence, where did it take place and who experienced it?

9) Please list all other unusual occurrences, When they took place (as asked in questions 5 and 7), where they took place, and who experienced them.

10) How frequently do these unusual occurrences take place and do you find any regularity to them?

11) Are there any particular activities that are going on when these unusual occurrences take place? If so, what are they?

12) Have these unusual occurrences increased in frequency and/or severity since they first began?

13) Are there any strange or unexplained feelings or emotions associated with these unusual occurrences at your current residence?

14) Have any of these unusual occurrences ever seen any publicity such as in the media, press, or even on-line? If so please explain and what conclusions did they make about your case?

15) Were there any unusual occurrences noted at any of the current occupants previous residences? If so what were they, When did they take place (as asked in questions 5 and 7), where did they take place, and who experienced them?

16) Did any of the previous owners/occupants ever mention or report any unusual occurrences that took place at the present location? If so what were those occurrences and who experienced them?

17) Have any of the occupants, past or present, ever been know to dabble in, or outright practice, the occult? If so, please elaborate.

18) Have any of the occupants, past or present, ever been known to see a psychic or a paranormal investigator? If so, who did they see and what happen?

19) What is your opinion as to what is going on concerning these unusual occurrences?

20) Have you ever considered what would be called a “normal” explanation for these unusual occurrences?

21) Have you ever considered the possibility that any or all of these unusual occurrences are being faked by someone on the premises?

22) What books have you read or TV shows have you seen concerning the occult, psychics, ghost hunters, or paranormal investigators?

23) What is your opinion concerning how these books and TV shows portray the paranormal and those who investigate it?

24) What is your opinion of movies like; Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, the Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, the Exorcist, the Others, the Omen, the Sixth Sense, and 1408?

25) What is your opinion concerning how these movies portray the paranormal and those that investigate it?

26) Have you or anyone in your family ever been considered a sensitive or a psychic? if so, can you elaborate?

27) Have you or anyone in your family ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? If so, can you elaborate?

28) What would you like done to help you?

29) Would you allow members of the MI:ST Society to conduct an investigation of these alleged unusual occurrences?

30) What is your address and phone number?

These comments can all be found on the PARANORMAL LECTURES IN NEW YORK CITY PAGE at…

DONNA – The lecture was very intellectual,Ii enjoyed listening to the stories about ESP and Telekinesis in part one, and I really enjoyed part 2 with the skull experiments, they were really amazing and they had some really incredible evidence on the after-life. I especially enjoyed looking at the pictures they they got for evidence! The meetup was great,Ii enjoyed it very much. Especially the Scole Experiment I enjoyed hearing about it and they had some incredible evidence on the after life.

LA – Fun time. Very interesting. I will be back next time!

KRISTEN – Although I am probably biased I thought John and Tom did a great job. I had not heard a dry run of either lecture prior to Sunday and I didn’t realize how rich a history parapsychology had. I also enjoyed how MI:ST’s interests in the paranormal in general produced such a great lecture on something (Scole Experiments) I think was new to most of the attendees. Well done MI:ST!

DAYANN – I enjoyed the lecture, especially the first one regarding the history of parapsychology. The second presentation was very good also, however I am not sure if I beleive the Scole Experiments were not fraudulent. It was nice to meet like minded people. I look forward to the next lecture!

DR. SUSAN EISEN – The lecture was much more than I anticipated! The speakers were knowledgeable and kept it real at the same time. I would definitely attend another lecture and recommend my friends to come!

THERESA – I really enjoyed the presentation but I thought I would hear a little more about ghosthunting, hauntings, etc. The 2 presenters were very informative and knowledgeable about their subjects.