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On May 2nd, 2010, the MI:ST Society held a Humane Society sanctioned “Chimp Retirement Party” at the Liffy II Bar.

We offered a variety of raffle items as well as holding a silent auction for a pair of box seat Mets Tickets that came with free parking and club access after the game!

With the help of our extensive network of family, friends, and fans we ended up raising almost $800.00 for the Humane Society that day!

The MI:ST Society welcomes the chance to help both neighborhood events as well as national events.

PARA:NORMAL For PRI:MATES Humane Society Fundraiser event hosted by the MI:ST Society

MI:ST Society founders John Galvin and Tom Vullo share a laugh with a fan during the fundraiser.

Lead Investigator Dan Sturges wonders who the "Big Dog" really is as he hangs out with the official MI:STcot, Murphy Maximus Magoo.

MI:ST Society Assistant Case Manager and Researcher, Gaby Oravetz with President John Galvin

Home Made cookies shaped like monkeys, haunted hauses, and ghosts!

MI:ST Society Senior Investigator Brendan McGinn... which is the mask and which is his real face?

Senior Investigator / Assistant Case Manager Alexis Nixon... we couldn't have put this together without her!

Ryan Moeller won the raffle to accompany the MI:ST Society on a paranormal investigation.

Jackie Hartley won the raffle for the Monkey themed children books. She also won the 2 free tickets to a lecture given by our own Tom Vullo.A couple of little monkeys having fun at the party!

Now that the event is over and everything went well, John can kick back and relax.

John Ward was the winner of the silent auction for the Box Seats Mets tickets

Lisa Gittler won the cute red fuzzy monkey bank

Some raffle items

Some raffle items


Paranormal Links

Here you will find some of the more interesting paranormal links and reference information.

Sturges Paranormal can be found at…

The Parapsychological Association can be found at…

The Rhine Research Center can be found at…

The Office of Paranormal Investigations can be found at…

The Paranormal Research Organization can be found at…

The Parapsychological Foundation can be found at…

The Society for Psychical Research can be found at…

The American Society for Psychical Research can be found at…

The Metaphysical Investigations: Search & Test Society (AKA The MI:ST Society, AKA MI:ST) is an organization of like minded individuals formed with two goals in mind.

First is our intent of helping people who believe they have had or encountered metaphysical, paranormal, or otherwise unexplained phenomena.

Second is our goal is to improve the scientific community’s understanding of these phenomena by putting them through meticulous analysis to remove any chance of a natural explanation and documenting their purported existence with audio/video and scientific equipment.

We research these reported metaphysical occurrences in the hopes of finding naturally occurring explanations for them.  Our research is firmly grounded in the scientific method and any evidence we collect goes through rigorous logical and theoretical examination before any conclusions are made.  We believe that the best way to approach this goal is to seek out as much evidence on the subject as possible by using both personal experiences as well as technology to conduct an investigation using the scientific method of testing: observance, collection (and organization) of evidence, search for patterns and correlations, establish a reliable cause & effect, hypothesis formation, and finally our conclusion. In the event our research fails to debunk paranormal experiences by applying known physical explanations or natural observable occurrences then we must turn to the theories posited by preexisting parapsychological and psychical research findings. The MI:ST Society also believes in sharing all its findings and their conclusions with the paranormal community at large to create a shared network of information.

Although “Ghost Hunting” may be our most public face, the MI:ST Society has a broad range of paranormal interests which include, but are not limited to: hauntings, poltergeist activity, remote viewing, possession, astral projection, psychotronic devices, telepathy / ESP, psychokinesis, auras / Kirlian photography, precognition / post-cognition, Fortean occurrences, psychic healing, and cryptozoology.

Our services are offered for FREE (although we do accept donations to help keep us in batteries, gear, etc.).  We will come in and set up our equipment and test claims of the supernatural / unexplained.  Members of the MI:ST Society will always conduct themselves professionally and discreetly.
The MI:ST Society also pledges to be an active member of it’s local community and participate in local events when possible.

We are a Trademarked and non-profit organization.

Thank You for taking the time to read this and please check out our Official MI:ST Society Client Questionnair located below.



Below you will find the Official MI:ST Society Client Questionnaire.
These questions are based on ones asked by serious, professional parapsychologists when conducting an interview with potential clients.

* NOTE that all these questions are optional, but the more we know about your case the better prepared we will be to conduct an investigation for you.
We are also trying to put together a database of information on paranormal activity and the more information we have to pull from the more (potential) answers we can discover about the paranormal.

Please feel free to Copy and Paste this questionnaire to an email, fill it out, and send it to the MI:ST Society at

1) How many occupants currently live on the premises and what is there relationship to each other?

2) What is the birth date of each of the occupants living on the premises?

3) How long have each of the occupants lived on the premises?

4) List any and all pets that currently live on the premises, including; Type, Breed, Sex, Age, and (if known) Birth date.

5) When did the first unusual occurrence take place (Time and Date if possible, or at least day or night, month, season)?

6) What was the first unusual occurrence, where did it take place and who experienced it?

7) When did the most recent of these unusual occurrences take place (Time and Date if possible, or at least day or night, month, season)?

8 ) What was the most recent unusual occurrence, where did it take place and who experienced it?

9) Please list all other unusual occurrences, When they took place (as asked in questions 5 and 7), where they took place, and who experienced them.

10) How frequently do these unusual occurrences take place and do you find any regularity to them?

11) Are there any particular activities that are going on when these unusual occurrences take place? If so, what are they?

12) Have these unusual occurrences increased in frequency and/or severity since they first began?

13) Are there any strange or unexplained feelings or emotions associated with these unusual occurrences at your current residence?

14) Have any of these unusual occurrences ever seen any publicity such as in the media, press, or even on-line? If so please explain and what conclusions did they make about your case?

15) Were there any unusual occurrences noted at any of the current occupants previous residences? If so what were they, When did they take place (as asked in questions 5 and 7), where did they take place, and who experienced them?

16) Did any of the previous owners/occupants ever mention or report any unusual occurrences that took place at the present location? If so what were those occurrences and who experienced them?

17) Have any of the occupants, past or present, ever been know to dabble in, or outright practice, the occult? If so, please elaborate.

18) Have any of the occupants, past or present, ever been known to see a psychic or a paranormal investigator? If so, who did they see and what happen?

19) What is your opinion as to what is going on concerning these unusual occurrences?

20) Have you ever considered what would be called a “normal” explanation for these unusual occurrences?

21) Have you ever considered the possibility that any or all of these unusual occurrences are being faked by someone on the premises?

22) What books have you read or TV shows have you seen concerning the occult, psychics, ghost hunters, or paranormal investigators?

23) What is your opinion concerning how these books and TV shows portray the paranormal and those who investigate it?

24) What is your opinion of movies like; Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, the Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, the Exorcist, the Others, the Omen, the Sixth Sense, and 1408?

25) What is your opinion concerning how these movies portray the paranormal and those that investigate it?

26) Have you or anyone in your family ever been considered a sensitive or a psychic? if so, can you elaborate?

27) Have you or anyone in your family ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? If so, can you elaborate?

28) What would you like done to help you?

29) Would you allow members of the MI:ST Society to conduct an investigation of these alleged unusual occurrences?

30) What is your address and phone number?

Brendan, Alexis, Tom, Guillermo, John, Kristen, Dan, and Evelyn (w/ Murphy)

This year’s Annual MI:ST ME:ETing & Dinner was held at a member’s apartment this year on 1/16/2010.

This is the first time that the entire new team has been all together at the same time at the same place and a great time was had by all!

Meet the MI:STETTES; Kristen, Alexis, and Evelyn

During the meeting team positions were defined and members were given their rolls in the team and everyone was happy to fill the capacities that was asked of them.

All members, old and new, were handed official MI:ST Society booklets that contained such information as; the MI:ST Society Mission Statement, MI:ST Member directory, Team Protocol, List of upcoming MI:ST cases, List of cases for the office of Case Management to work on, a Case submissions form,  a copy of the official On-Site Research Log, a copy of our Resident Interview Form, a copy of our General Media Release Form, a copy of our Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form, a copy of our Photo/Audio/Video Release Form, and copies of the instructions for all our equipment to date.

The team was shown all the equipment that we currently have on hand and Alexis and Brendan showed everyone the “Ghost Box” that they had built.  After the meeting team founders John and Tom invited the gang to walk down to Inwood Hills Park for an investigation of the old Indian Caves and check out the “electromagnetic” boulder.

Leaders in Paranormal Consultation, Research, and Investigations

Team President John Galvin goes over protocols

Big Dan Sturges, always ready to throw his 2 cents in

Orbs seem to like Guillermo Rivera

Brendan deep in thought as Alexis and Evelyn look on